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Who I am and why I am here

The question of “Who I am?” seem so easy, yet so complicated. It is a question that everyone asks and thrives to get answers. Some gets the answer earlier, while others spend their lifetime trying to find it.

I am Chinyere Okoh. A Pharmacist  from Nigeria with a passion to impact positively generations  to come. I love reading and find knowldege thrilling, further re-enforcing my zeal for academia. I have always been drawn to books and consider the mind fascinating. I love exchange of ideas and tackling problems – gives life a lot to look up to.

There is so much out there to learn from – Ideas,  concepts, experiences, jobs, cultures e.t.c – that are not restricted by global boundaries and limitations.  Information  technology has given us the opportunity  to cross boundaries that we couldn’t ordinarily fathom and also understand  ideas we thought  impossible. I wish to blog because there is so much information to gain and also contribute  and this makes me feel humble, knowing that I am not restricted  to my own world.  It gives me a sense of adventure  and the rare chance of been  in  two places at once.

There are no words to describe the feeling. Like I say,  I am a girl in the quest to find adventure and rub minds too.I can’t wait as I pull up the curtains.

Stay blessed.

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