Be faithful in small things

Hello peeps…

It’s been a while. As I mentioned before, starting a new life in a new place can be quite scary especially when you have spent a lot of time taking care of others, that it almost feels alien to focus on yourself.

That’s me.

But in a short a time, I have learnt that even though sometimes I reflect and wonder what life would have been like if I JUST damned all and pursued my dreams earlier, I have been given the opportunity to pick up from life’s downs and aim for the ups. Normally, I feel regret but I don’t let it weigh me down. For I have been faithful in small things and believe that the lessons acquired have paved a way for the future.

In all my challenges, it became obvious that the way we perceive situations determine how we’ll rise from them. You either let it pull you down, or raise you up. Mother Teresa embraced the challenges of her vocation and till date, even after her death, still remains an outstanding figure-head for others to follow. Life’s pleasures can be found when the smallest of things are made extraordinary. 

One day, I hope to look back on my writings, reflect on how far I have come through, and influence people positively.

For now, I pray that God keeps me and show me the way.

Love, 💞Chichi



Guess what?

Moving into my apartment today and everything seems so new

Been a while since I lived on my own

Always had to take care of someone

Now I have to learn to take care of myself

It’s what I’ve always wanted and I’m thrilled about it

Now I have to learn to believe in myself

To be independent and follow my heart

And trust in my own strength

So here I go….


Strangely exciting😂

It’s quite scary leaving your homeland behind

One moment you seem so excited 

And the next, you can’t really pinpoint the mixed emotions within you

Today marks my first day on my own in a foreign land

Everything seems alien but strangely exciting

What the future holds….I have no idea

I just know I’ll make memories and learn from them

The past is behind me and the future awaits

The goal seems so far and I gotta focus to reach it

And have fun along the way 

And form friendship that will hopefully last a life time…

So help me God…


No better plan??

As I sit stirring outside my window

Bright sunlight surrounds me

Everything seems so clear

But my mind is clouded

With thoughts too deep to reveal

It consumes me greatly

But I welcome it

For I know it’s oddly refreshing  

A great reminder me of who I am

For within me lies my fears, dreams, vision and aspirations

Where do I start?

I pray to God always to lead me

For He alone knows me, never leaving me even in my darkest of moments

Life has taught me to follow my instincts

And it reassures me I will be okay

Now I can smile

For I am sure everything will fall into the right place

I will accept all that life throws at me

Learn and grow from them

Then use the lessons to make the world a better place.

No better plan than that….Right??

Kiss of Jesus

My mum always said: “Chinyere, my daughter, you have to work hard for what you believe, otherwise, it’s not worth it”. I never knew the significance of this till I got older. 

The journey through life hasn’t always been easy. I didn’t have time to play or dream but in order to survive, hardwork and sacrifice was the basic rule. It was an inbuilt culture, so difficult to let go and it took my childhood with it. There was no time for play or dreaming, all we could think about was survival. 

But struggles have a way of keeping one focused and looking ahead with vision. Mum was right. Nothing good comes easy. Over the years, I am so thankful for the sacrifices and hardwork, for it placed in me values that are worth more than gold: Integrity, hardwork, perseverance, focus and most of all made me more humane.

​There comes a time in life when we feel we are all alone, a shadow of ourselves – it’s okay. It just means a great opportunity to choose between being a better person or remaining in that spot and be consumed by self pity and regrets. The more tumultuous the storm, the brighter the rainbow. It’s at the hardest period of life that the greatest strength can be gotten.

For me, I looked unto God and He took me by the hands and till today, he heals me. I still feel like a child, having been placed with so much responsibilities growing up that now, I feel I am mentally matured beyond my years. But the amazing thing is that I have been given the great gift of life to still ride a bike, play video games and learn new things and it’s so precious…..

Don’t let the pain keep you from experiencing life. To me, I am grateful for it all. Life’s lessons can be worth a lot depending on your point of view and it has brought me closer to receive a kiss from Jesus and that I cannot trade for anything in the world…

Mother Teresa Said:  “Pain and suffering have come into your life, but remember pain, sorrow, suffering are but the kiss of Jesus – a sign that you have come so close to Him that He can kiss you.”

Believe, love and serve

Service to others can be so frustrating…. I know because I have been there. 

Growing up as a child, amongst 8 children, we were taught to serve one another and have their backs, even when no appreciation is expressed. As I matured, this responsibility grew to others around me. Then I realized the danger of it, the more I served, the more I became vulnerable.

This didn’t deter me from giving to the society what I could. As a Pharmacist, The joy of seeing your patients get well and learning a lot from them, really made me appreciate life and pushed me into various community and humanitarian services that expanded further than I thought. Furthermore, being a Rotarian, has really opened me up to an imperfect world and further equipped me with the ability to be part of a team that gathered resources to put smiles on faces of both familiar people and strangers. Finally, being a catholic has really humbled me, and directed my focus to depend on God for everything, because I know we are not alone and God keeps watching us. 

Even Albert Einstein, a renowned Physicist testified that “The more he studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power”. No matter the profession, the rank, the affluence, the expertise, etc, there is so much out there yet to uncover and we are so limited. I believe in the power of prayer to set things right. There is a sense of belonging, direction and reassurance when we pray. 

Each of us have something good we believe in. We have to harness it and develop it. We will grow to love it and through focus, dedication and hardwork, we can direct it into serving others. It means giving back to the society and making the world a better place. Be a value to the system and help transform lives.

When you are there for others, it is okay to expect a reciprocatory action but this does not always happen. In the mist of the ups and downs of life, and even when people don’t appreciate your actions, the few that do, makes up for so much that one is driven to serve more. 
Being of service is from the heart and therefore needs to be given voluntarily. It can only be expressed, not described and can only be done in love. It’s a wonderful feeling and worth so much. My experience in volunteering has been filled with tears, laughter, smiles,joy, gratitude, peace, frustration, saddness, etc, and best of all, I have really experienced different facets of life. I am indeed so grateful for such opportunity to think outside myself.

It humbles me and gives a deep sense of contentment….

Mother Teresa quotes:  “If we pray, we will believe; If we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve.”

Hunger for love

LOVE… that four letter words that seem plain at first,  but holds so much promise.  It’s significance can be felt in the core of our being as everyone longs to be loved. 

According  to the words of Mother Teresa  “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  This Cuts across all age groups, irrespective of career, norms,  culture and beliefs. The body can cope when starved away from food for some days but still bounces back when conditions are corrected, but this is not so when the soul is starved. 

The Bible emphases the great effect of love and peace of mind even in the absence of food.  One would grow fatter on love and peace of mind,  than on the fattest and richest of meals. Love overlooks all offences,  forgives and makes room for a fresh start.  It’s not a wonder that those who learn to let go of hurts and tragedies of life and embrace a life full of love, soon learn that nothing brings peace of mind,  except love for God and neighbor.

So,  although achievements are plaudable,  even in the society, one has to have the presence of love to crown it all.  In life the greatest qnd most vital ingredients to happiness are so invaluable,  that they come free for all to have a share of the pie.  

The Hunger for love is definitely more difficult to quench as I have frequently observed the rich, the  famous and even celebrities, live lives of unhappiness, addiction and scars that stays for almost a lifetime.  Even the wealth and luxurious lives couldn’t bring contentment. 

To me, Success is measured by the level of contentment and impact one contributes to the society and not by wealth.  This should be remembered as we raise our children,  knowing they are the future and thus,  need great values imbued into them. Let’s teach them to be proactive in bring solutions,  idea sharing and selfless service.  Only then can we spread our wings like eagles and soar with pride – content that we did the best we could at the moment,  increasing the prospects for the future. For wealth fades away,  but affecting lives positively stays forever even to generations to come.